Satisfactory Academic Progress

The Awards & Financial Aid Office’s assessment of your academic progress is done for the purpose of determining your continued eligibility for OSAP.

It is separate and independent from the Academic Performance Evaluation that is performed by the Registrar’s Office each year to assess your academic standing in your degree program.

While you are receiving funding from the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, you have a responsibility to maintain satisfactory academic progress in your program of study. Failure to meet this standard could impact your eligibility for future funding, or even your repayment schedule.

Minimum Academic Progress Requirement for Undergraduate Students

To maintain continued eligibility for OSAP assistance in subsequent academic years, each year you must achieve passing grades in the minimum required course load.

For all undergraduate programs at Carleton, the minimum required course load for most students is 60% of a full course-load. For undergraduate students with permanent disabilities who are registered with Carleton’s Paul Menton Centre, the minimum required course load for all undergraduate programs is 40%.

When converted to credit values, a 60% course-lead is equal to 3.0 credits for the two-term, Fall/Winter Academic Session and 1.5 credits for the Summer Session.

Converting Percentage Course-loads to Credit Course-loads

Session 60% Required Course-load 40% Required Course-load
Fall and Winter 3.0 credits (out of 5.0+) 2.0 credits (out of 5.0+)
Fall or Winter (standalone registration) 1.5 credits (out of 2.5+) 1.0 credits (out of 2.5+)
Summer 1.5 credits (out of 2.5+) 1.0 credits (out of 2.5+)

Other Requirements

In addition to passing your courses, you are expected to progress through the successive years of your program of study. Frequent or multiple program switches, dropping from a full course load to a part-time course load, withdrawing from a program, repeating a program and/or taking multiple programs at the same level of study may also be considered lack of progress.

OSAP Academic Probation

If the Ministry places you on Academic Probation, in order to be eligible for future funding you will be required to submit an Academic Response Letter to the Awards & Financial Aid Office.  Your letter must outline:

  1. The circumstances if any that affected your academic performance during your most recent academic year;
  2. The steps you will take during your probationary period to improve your academic progress;
  3. A description of your academic goals.