OSAP Review

When assessing your financial need, OSAP uses standard criteria, which may not adequately reflect your current circumstances. In this case, you may request a review of your OSAP application.

The Review Process

  1. Request a review of your OSAP application through the Awards & Financial Aid Office
  2. Meet with a Financial Aid Administrator who will determine if a review can be considered. If so, your Financial Aid Administrator will perform a review and make a decision.

If you are unsatisfied by the review decision made by your Financial Aid Administrator, you may submit an appeal to the Ministry.

Types of Reviews/Appeals

Reviews and appeals will only be considered for certain situations, which may include:

  • A family breakdown
  • Certain exceptional expenses during your study period
  • Certain exceptional parental expenses
  • Your Income contributions
  • Your Asset contribution
  • Outstanding Loan or Grant overpayments
  • Expenses related to joint custody arrangements
  • Your credit history

A review will not be conducted if:

  • You have already received the maximum amount of OSAP for the study period
  • You are requesting a review based on your citizenship status
  • Your request is submitted after the deadline


If you are requesting a review of your OSAP application, you must do so at least 8 weeks before the end of your study period.