This application process is for students who received OSAP for all or part of the Fall/Winter Academic Session.

1.  Login to Carleton Central

From the main menu click the file cabinet icon next to Awards and Financial Assistance. This will bring you to the Awards and Financial Assistance menu. Next click on the Undergraduate Online Applications Forms link. Graduate students will follow the same process. Screenshot of Carleton Central homepage showing where the Summer Extension Form can be found. Under the "Awards and Financial Assistance" tab, select "Undergraduate Online Application Forms"

2. Select the Application Type and Term

Select “Other Financial Aid Applications” for Application Type; for Application Term, select “Summer 2019”. Click “Go”.

screenshot of Carleton Central showing summer 2018 term selected

3. Complete and Submit an OSAP Summer Extension Application

Next, you will be asked to review and update your personal and academic information. After that, you will be presented with a link to the OSAP Summer Extension application. Click on the link to begin. When completing the application, be sure to read all instructions carefully. Once started, options at the bottom of the application allow you to save the application (and finish it later), review it prior to submitting it, or save and submit your completed application.

Application and supporting documentation deadlines are firm!

Registered Study Period Apply on or Before
 Early Summer (May–June)  May 18, 2019
 Late Summer (July–August)  July 14, 2019
 Full Summer(May–August)  July 14, 2019

Any documents we ask you to provide to support your extension request must also be received before the applicable deadline. So, apply early!

Note: Post Baccalaureate Diploma programs are considered undergraduate programs for OSAP purposes.

Another note: Course loads work a bit differently for grad students. If you are designated a full-time student by Faculty of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Affairs, you will be considered a full-time student in the summer term. We don’t need to see your course load. When completing your Summer Extension Request, indicate that you are a grad student and enter “FT” as the value of your course load in credits.

4. Monitor & Respond

Check your email:
When you submit your extension request you will receive an acknowledgment email from the Awards Office. Please read this email carefully as it contains important information about how your application is processed, where to get detailed information about your summer funding, and how and when your funding will be released.

Please continue to monitor your Carleton email account for messages concerning your application until your funding is released.

5. Login to your OSAP Account to View Funding Information.

By logging in to your OSAP account at you can get detailed information about your summer session funding. After logging in to the site:

Select the most recent application record:
It will be marked *Reinstatement and have a Summer start date. This is your summer extension application.

Check your application’s processing status:
Under action, click on “Check Status” to access your Status Summary. Take a moment to review the “Things To Do” checklist for items that are your responsibility.

Review your funding summary:
Under Status Details click on Funding Summary to review your assessment results and see when your summer funding is scheduled to be released. Use this information to plan your budget.

Once your fees are assessed and your funding is released, pay your summer session tuition fees as soon as possible (see important note below).

A Note about Confirmation of Enrolment:

The Awards Office will attempt to confirm your enrolment at the Ministry’s request when your Summer Study Period begins.  Your extension request must be fully processed and your OSAP application must be complete and error-free in order for us to do so. Your registered course load and study period must also match the ones you provided to us. To ensure the timely release of funding, make sure you update us immediately of any last minute changes in your registration.