Scholarships for Current Students

Provided it is not contrary to the terms of the award, scholarships administered by Carleton University will first be applied to your tuition fees. A scholarship will be applied directly to your fees in two instalments, half in mid August for the fall term and half in mid December for the winter term, provided you have registered and remain registered for the full academic year (minimum four credits in the Fall/Winter session).

Scholarship Assessment

The Awards Office will automatically assess for the renewal of entrance scholarships and assess for general in-course scholarships once we have received your grades at the end of the Fall/Winter session.  Generally, this assessment will take place at the end of May/early June and the status of your scholarship will be displayed on Carleton Central.  It’s important you know the rules and regulations concerning scholarships.

Co-operative Education or Industrial Experience

If you are in a co-operative education stream or the industrial experience program, the administration of your scholarship will work differently because of the work terms.  You will not be able to draw upon scholarship funds during the work period.  Once you return to full-time studies, you will come under scholarship provisions.  If you anticipate being on a co-op work term some time during the academic year, please contact the Awards Office in order to make the necessary arrangements to defer your scholarship to when you return to full-time studies and once again come under scholarship provisions.

Departmental Scholarships & Awards

In addition to renewable entrance scholarships or general in-course scholarships,  your academic achievements may be further recognized by departmental scholarships and awards.  At the end of each academic year, departments nominate or recommend outstanding students for departmental scholarships and awards.  For more information, please refer to our extensive awards database or consult with your department.

External Awards

An external award is a general term for various scholarship, bursary and award programs that come from organizations or associations outside of Carleton. Eligibility criteria vary greatly but with some research, you can find an external award that would be suitable for you to apply to. Some helpful websites may include: