The BGInS core faculty members are appointed full-time within the Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs, the administrative home of the Bachelor of Global and International Studies. The teaching faculty teach the GINS core courses within the degree and are also available to supervise Honours Research Essays.  The teaching faculty are the primary point of academic contact for BGInS students.  We are also pleased to be host to Banting Fellow, Dr. Logan Cochrane.

Name GINS Courses 2018/19 Research Interests
James Casteel
Professor Casteel’s research interests include transnational relations between Germany and Russia from the nineteenth to twenty-first centuries, nations and empires in central and eastern Europe, diasporic cultures and belonging, European Jewish history including the Holocaust, and transnational and global approaches to the European past.
M. Kamari Clarke


GINS 1020, Ethnography, Globalization and Culture

Human rights, international courts and tribunals; the export, spread, rejection and re-contextualization of international norms; secularism and religious transnationalism; United Nations and African Union treaty negotiations; and Africa’s insertion into international law circuits
Logan Cochrane

GINS 4090 E, Honours Seminar in Global and International Studies

GINS 2000 B, Ethics and Globalization

Intersections between anthropology and development studies; thematic interests include: development practice, food security, climate change, social justice, governance and collective action; geographic focus on East Africa, the Horn of Africa, and the Middle East.
Pablo Heidrich

GINS 1100, Introduction to Global Development

GINS 2010 B, Globalization and International Economic Issues

GINS 4090 B, Honours Seminar in Global and International Studies

Natural resources and development in Latin America, international trade policymaking in contexts of financial crises, and comparative regionalism between East Asia and Latin America.
Candace Clare Sobers

Sobers - picture

GINS 1000 A, Global History

GINS 3010 B, Global and International Theory

GINS 4090 D, Honours Seminar in Global and International Studies

History of International Relations, Cold War studies, transnational networks, empire and decolonization, revolutions and movements of national liberation, foreign relations history, 19th and 20th c. American political cultures, 20th c. African political cultures
Marylynn Steckley


GINS 2000 A, Ethics and Globalization

GINS 3020, Places, Boundaries, Movements and Global Environmental Change

GINS 3100, International Group Project

GINS 3900 & GINS 3901, International Placement

GINS 4090 A, Honours Seminar in Global and International Studies

Critical Development Studies; Agrarian Change; Political Ecology; Globalization and Inequality; Global Food Systems; Race, Class, and Colonialism; Migration and Ethnic Relations.