_LUT6265 1000px crop#BA849DOver 120 faculty members from 19 different academic units in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Public Affairs and the Sprott School of Business are affiliated with BGInS. Each of these faculty members has expertise in some aspect of global and international studies and/or some region of the world. Collectively, they provide an extraordinary breadth and depth of knowledge about the world we live in for students to draw upon. These faculty members have primary responsibility for teaching the courses that comprise the 18 BGInS Specializations; they also are available to supervise Honours Research Essays within BGInS.

BGInS affiliated faculty members are listed by the Specialization(s) with which they are affiliated.

a) Thematic Specializations
French and Francophone Studies (new 2018/19)
Global and Transnational History
Global Development
Global Genders and Sexualities (new 2018/19)
Global Inequalities and Social Change
Global Law and Social Justice
Global Literatures
Global Media and Communication
Global Politics
Globalization and the Environment
Globalization, Culture and Power
International Economic Policy
Migration and Diaspora Studies
Teaching English in Global Contexts (new 2018/19)
Global Religions: Identity and Community (new for 2019-20)

b) Regional Specializations
Africa and Globalization
Europe and Russia in the World
Latin American and Caribbean Studies