Germany:  Between ‘Welcome Culture’, Openness, Crisis, and Xenophobia

This course will provide students with deep insights into some of the challenges and issues countries are facing in the area of refugee and migration politics. Germany, in particular, continues to struggle with the realities and challenges of immigration and the reception of refugees.

This course will focus on:

  •      Germany’s past and current strategies to manage immigration and refugee movement
  •      The challenges of ‘demographic change’ and the question how to successfully
    welcome, include and ‘integrate’ newcomers
  •      Germany’s past and persistent problems of racism and xenophobia

Students will be able to learn about and discuss these issues with German academics, policy experts and students. This will enable them to comment on ongoing and future challenges in refugee and migration politics and how these issues might be more effectively addressed.

GINS 3300 Course Syllabus

Course Dates:  May 1 – May 31, 2019
Deadline to Apply:  February 1

Fees:  $1100 travel fee, due March 1

Travel Dates:

  • Course segment Carleton University: May 1-3 (mandatory for all students)
  • Course segment Germany: May 8-22 (mandatory for all students)
  • Submission final assignment and official end of the course: May 31 (assignment to be submitted)

Academic Requirements:

  • Both Bachelor and Masters students are welcome to apply
  • BGInS students will be given priority if the course is over-subscribed

Financial Considerations:

Cost: Carleton course tuition plus $1100 travel supplemental fee (includes lectures, accommodation, ground transportation while in Germany).
International airfare, meals and personal expenses not included.

Course Instructor: Professor Martin Geiger, PSCI and EURUS

Students should apply for the IER Bursary.