GPOL 3100 (2.5 credits), Internship in Global Politics

Honours BGInS students registered in the Global Politics Specialization are eligible to apply for GPOL 3100, Internship in Global Politics.  This is an international placement that normally takes place in the winter term of a student’s third year.  It is a full-time registration worth 2.5 credits.  It counts towards the 7.5 credits required to complete the Global Politics Specialization and it satisfies the BGInS International Experience Requirement (IER).

For further information regarding GPOL 3100, please contact the Department of Political Science.

 Rules and procedures concerning GPOL 3100 are as follows:

  • Registration in GPOL 3100 is by permission of the Department of Political Science.  Registration can only be completed once students have a confirmed and approved internship placement and once they have a Carleton faculty supervisor for the academic portion of the placement.
  • GPOL 3100 is only open to students registered in the BGInS Specialization in Global Politics who have a 9.0 overall CGPA.  This CGPA will be measured as of the beginning of the fall term of a student’s third year.
  • GPOL 3100 is an option within the Global Politics Specialization — students who do not meet the eligibility requirements for GPOL 3100, and students who are eligible but choose not to do GPOL 3100, can complete the academic requirements of the Global Politics Specialization through other course work.
  • GPOL 3100 is an option within the BGInS IER — it satisfies the BGInS International Experience Requirement, but Global Politics students are free to satisfy the IER through one of the other available options if they prefer.
  • Students intending to apply to GPOL 3100 do not need to apply to the BGInS international placement option.
  • The Political Science Department holds an annual information session late in the winter term for second year Global Politics students intending to do GPOL 3100 in their third year.  Interested students who meet the CGPA eligibility requirements will then be invited to a further information and planning meeting early in the fall term of their third year.
  • GPOL 3000, Themes in Global and Comparative Politics, is a mandatory course for all students in the Global Politics Specialization; it is normally taken in the fall term of a student’s third year.  GPOL 3000 must be completed before students can take GPOL 3100.