MGDSMigration and Diaspora Studies

(Thematic, multi-disciplinary)

Program requirements:
Specialization in Migration and Diaspora Studies
Stream in Migration and Diaspora Studies

Sample course selection:
First Year: Migration and Diaspora Studies
Second Year: Migration and Diaspora Studies

Affiliated faculty members:
Migration and Diaspora Studies

Sponsoring Unit Website:
Migration and Diaspora Studies Initiative

We live in a world on the move. Not only are there more than 200 million people now living outside the country of their birth, but new technologies have allowed for the rapid movement of ideas around the world and connections between communities like never before. Behind the statistics are the lived realities of migrants themselves, the contributions they make to their new societies, and the links that they sustain with their countries and communities of origin.

The multidisciplinary specialization in Migration and Diaspora Studies helps students to perceive unexpected connections between communities, and understand the factors that influence the movement of people. It is the first undergraduate program in Canada to draw on the expertise of national and international leaders in a range of disciplines and traditions in the arts, humanities and social sciences in order to examine topics such as citizenship, the global refugee regime, multiculturalism, state security, transnational identities, and violent extremism.  In doing so, it provides students with key skills in mobility and migration that are highly prized by multinational corporations, government and legal agencies, NGOs, and cultural and social entrepreneurs. Career paths pursued by students in MDS, include: working with governmental, non-governmental organizations and international organizations on issues relating to migration and integration; exploring these dynamics through the creative arts; and engaging with issues of integration and diversity with community organizations.