Photo of Logan Cochrane

Logan Cochrane

Assistant Professor

Degrees: B.A., Anthropology (University of Victoria) M.A., Sustainable Development (Staffordshire) Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Studies (University of British Columbia)
Office:Room 2118
Dunton Tower
Website:Visit Professor Cochrane's Website

Logan Cochrane is an Assistant Professor at Carleton University in Global and International Studies. His research includes diverse geographic and disciplinary foci, covering broad thematic areas of food security, climate change, social justice, governance and collective action. Before joining Carleton University, Logan worked for twelve years with non-governmental organizations, including in Afghanistan, Benin, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda. Logan has served as a Director for two non-governmental organizations, and worked as a consultant with clients that have included Save the Children, Management Sciences for Health, The Liaison Office, UNICEF and UNAIDS. Awards he has been given include: Banting Postdoctoral Award (2017), Professional Development Awards by IDRC (2016-2017, 2017), SSHRC Storyteller finalist (2016), Vanier Canada Graduate Doctoral Award (2015), Robert M. Netting Award (2015), Mitacs Fellowship (2014), and he was Nominated for a YMCA Peace Medal, as an Emerging Leader (2009).

Selected Publications:

Cochrane, L. and Betel B. B. (2019) Pathways of Legal Advocacy for Change: Ethiopian Women Lawyer’s Association. Forum for Development Studies 46(2): 347-365.

Cochrane, L. and Rao, N. (2019) Is the Push for Gender Sensitive Research Advancing the SDG Agenda of Leaving No One Behind? Forum for Development Studies 46(1): 45-65.

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