Sample first year course selections for each of the 18 BGInS Specializations are provided in the links at the bottom of this page. 

The BGInS first year course selection guide published by the Registrar’s Office is also a good source of information.

In the first year of the BGInS degree, students will normally take 5.0 credits of courses, including 1.5 credits GINS core courses, the 0.0 credit IER preparation course, up to 2.0 credits Specialization courses, up to 1.0 credit language courses, and the remainder elective courses.  It is strongly encouraged that BGInS students include a First Year Seminar (FYSM) among their elective choices.  Details are below:

  1. Core Courses: All BGInS students must take the three 0.5 credit first year core courses.  Consult the Core Courses page for a listing of all BGInS core courses across the four years of the program, including course descriptions.  The three first year courses are:
  2. IER Preparation Course: All students must receive a grade of Satisfactory in GINS 1300 (0.0 credit), International Experience Requirement Preparation, before they will be allowed to participate in the BGInS International Experience Requirement.  This is a zero-credit, on-line, course offered every term, and graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory.  Students are strongly encouraged to register for this course in either the Fall or Winter term of their first year.
  3. Specialization Courses: BGInS students should take the first year foundation course or courses in their Specialization.   Depending on the Specialization, this could mean 0.5 to 2.0 credits.  Here is a listing of the first year foundation course(s) in each Specialization.  Consult the Specializations and Streams page for the full course listings for each Specialization.
  4. Language Courses: BGInS students who do not expect to be exempted from taking language courses should take 1.0 credit in language courses in their first year.  Consult the Language Requirement page for complete details on the BGInS language requirement.
  5. Elective Courses: The remainder of the 5.0 credits first year program can be chosen from amongst elective courses of students’ choice.  It is strongly encouraged, though not required, that students include a 0.5 credit or 1.0 credit FYSM amongst their elective choices.  Consult the First Year Seminars page for more details.

Sample first year course selection by BGInS Specialization:

a) Thematic Specializations
French and Francophone Studies
Global and Transnational History
Global Development
Global Genders and Sexualities
Global Inequalities and Social Change
Global Law and Social Justice
Global Literatures
Global Media and Communication
Global Politics
Globalization and the Environment
Globalization, Culture and Power
International Economic Policy
Migration and Diaspora Studies
Teaching English in Global Contexts
Global Religions: Identity and Community

b) Regional Specializations
Africa and Globalization
Europe and Russia in the World
Latin American and Caribbean Studies