English Teacher, King’s College,
Auckland, New Zealand

I graduated with a Bachelor of Humanities and a Combined Honours in Philosophy, in 2005.

In the Bachelor of Humanities program I had brilliant lecturers and fellow students, but my real teachers were the figures they exposed me to: Socrates, Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha.

After Humanities, I decided that I wanted to pursue a career that would let me spend my working day with people, and teaching is a perfect fit. After graduation, I enrolled as an international student at the University of Auckland to study towards a Graduate Diploma in Secondary teaching.

Being an English teacher is incredibly rewarding—my job is to mentor and inspire young people, and help them find value in their lives. My working day is spent conversing with interesting young minds from all walks of life. It makes me proud to pass on some of the wisdom from the greatest books of all time to my own students.

Eric Jeffery is an English Teacher, King’s College, Auckland, New Zealand.

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