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Sébastien Higgins

After graduating from the Bachelor of Humanities, I decided to take a year off and gain some job experience before continuing my schooling. In January 2014, I started an internship with the Carter Center in their Democracy Program, monitoring political developments across the Middle East. I was also lucky enough to be deployed on an expert mission to Egypt to monitor the country’s pre-election political atmosphere in April 2014. I have since moved on to an internship with the Clinton Foundation, helping to organize the Clinton Global Initiative’s annual conference on international development. Throughout these professional experiences I have consistently drawn upon my research, writing and critical thinking abilities, all of which I owe in large part to my time in the College of the Humanities.

In September, I will be going on to the University of Chicago for a Masters in International Relations where I plan to put these skills to use once again.  I truly believe that Humanities students are a step ahead in virtually any career path they choose due to the simple fact that they have learned to think more deeply, write more thoughtfully and read more attentively than most of their peers.

Sébastien Higgins is an intern with the Clinton Foundation.

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