It is rare for an undergraduate to be invited to an international conference, but twenty-two-year-old Marissa Kemp, who graduates on June 10th with a Bachelor of Humanities and a Combined Honours in Philosophy, was extended that opportunity this past May. The conference on “The Ethics of War in the 21st Century” was the inaugural event for the new Stockholm Center for The Ethics of War and Peace.

While on a Humanities exchange in Belgium in third year Kemp wrote an undergraduate thesis on the ethics of war. She was one of a small number of students selected to respond to one of the conference presentations.

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“The conference was extremely exciting, and a little bit nerve wracking, since it was the first time I traveled on my own, and once I arrived, I realized that I was much younger than everyone else,” confided Kemp, who overcame her nerves to speak at the conference. “I was told that my response went well and that I had offered good insights. The authors thanked me for my response and asked me to send them hard copies of my suggestions.”

Marissa will be staying at Carleton next year, beginning a Master’s degree at N.P.S.I.A., the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs. She hopes to specialize in conflict analysis and conflict resolution.

Looking towards the future, Kemp was drawn to reflect about her past four years: “I chose Carleton specifically because of the Bachelor of Humanities program and the broad education that it offered,” revealed Kemp. As her time as an undergraduate comes to a close she leaves the students behind her this piece of advice: “Balance life and school and take advantage of the exchange programs; exchanges and travel are some of the best things that can happen to people.”

— By Sam Lehman