The COH was very successful this year in the CUROP internships for Summer 2017.

Sara Adams (B.Hum) is exploring the nature of the relationship between George Eliot’s Middlemarch and Benedict Spinoza’s Ethics. She will examine the ways in which Eliot’s unique interpretation and usage of literary realism challenges Spinozistic epistemology. She is working with Erik Stephenson.

Sarah Gorman (B.Hum) is researching the relationship between Open Access in contemporary libraries and the movement to “open” the Bible as it moved from Europe to the Americas in puritanism. She will compare these ways of sharing texts to reflect on what we can expect modern Open Access to achieve. She is working with Johannes Wolfart.

Samantha Lehman (B.Hum) is conducting research on the 1609 folio copy of the Edmund Spenser’s Faerie Queene from Carleton’s Archives and Research Collection. She will examine the printing history and marketing of this folio. She is working with Micheline White.

Baraa Arar researched the ways French Colonial and Algerian Liberation ideologies stressed the significance of the issue of women and the feminine in their mission to assert their political projects as manifest through art.  She worked with Prof. Pamela Walker. (Summer 2016)

Visit the CUROP site for more information.

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