The Book in the Digital Age, taught by Professor Micheline White will be taught in the fall term as a ‘blended’ course.

HUMS students may use it to fulfill a HUMS requirement if you are in the HUMS Honors stream (no major or minor) in this block of courses below.

c. 1.0 credit from:
ENGL 3305 [0.5] Shakespeare and the Stage
ENGL 3306 [0.5] Shakespeare and Film
HIST 2204 [0.5] Early Modern Europe 1350-1650
HIST 2206 [0.5] Early Modern Europe 1600-1800
HUMS 3500 [0.5] Ancient and Medieval Intellectual History
HUMS 3550 [0.5] Renaissance and Early Modern Intellectual History
PHIL 3002 [0.5] 17th Century Philosophy
PHIL 3003 [0.5] 18th Century Philosophy