Full Contact Information for the College of the Humanities


College of the Humanities
Carleton University
300 Paterson Hall
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA
K1S 5B6

Phone: +1-613-520-2809


M—F 9:00—16:00
Closed 12:00—13:00

Administration of the College of the Humanities

College DirectorShawna Dolansky (acting)
College AdministratorJudy Donaldson (acting)

Administration of the Bachelor of Humanities Program

Undergraduate AdministratorAndrea McIntyre
Undergraduate AdvisorGeoffrey Kellow

Administration of the Greek and Roman Studies Program

Undergraduate AdministratorAndrea McIntyre
Coordinator and Undergraduate Advisor Elizabeth Klaassen

Administration of the Religion Program

Office — 2A39 Paterson Hall
Undergraduate and Graduate Administrator
Karina Auclair
Coordinator and Undergraduate Advisor — Christopher Jensen
Graduate Coordinator and AdvisorAsh Geissinger