Brief Description: This peer mentorship opportunity will give upper-year students the chance to welcome junior HUMS students into the College, and to try and maintain (to the greatest extent possible) the type of caring, collegial environment that makes the HUMS program so special, despite the challenges of teaching and learning online.

Overview: The College of the Humanities strives to provide students with the experience of a small liberal arts college, with a dedicated student lounge and many student- and faculty-run enrichment activities.  In the virtual environment necessitated by COVID-19, we are initiating a program in which upper-year Humanities students will be responsible for “mentoring” a designated group of incoming students and making them feel at home in the College.

Upper-Year Mentors are responsible for helping incoming students to transition into their university lives and feel part of the College environment. They will be available to answer specific questions about the program, as well as more general questions about being a student at Carleton. They will also support their assigned students by checking in with them throughout the semester, and by organizing and hosting informal tutorials and/or hang-out sessions. The idea is to try to replicate in a virtual environment, what would always happen naturally in-person in the dedicated College spaces.

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