Photo of Neven Brady Leddy

Neven Brady Leddy

Writing Coach

Degrees:B.A. Bishop’s University, M.Phil University of Dublin, D.Phil University of Oxford


Neven has been coaching undergraduates to write better essays since 2007.  By training he is an intellectual historian of eighteenth century Scotland, but has made a living teaching anything but the Scottish Enlightenment.  He has taught in the Humanities or the Social Sciences at Simon Fraser, Ottawa, Concordia, Bishop’s, Trent and Toronto .  At Carleton he teaches in the College of Humanities and in the History Department.  His research interests include the history of ideas, especially in the social sciences.

Neven’s mission at the College of Humanities is to coach an already strong group of undergraduates to improve their written expression.  Neven’s appointment as the CofH writing coach is the most athletic thing he has done since “winning” the uncoveted participation pin in the 1982 Canada fitness test.  Students are encouraged to greet Neven as “coach”, as he will find this endlessly entertaining.

Given the unusual nature of this pandemic year, I will be coaching exclusively via Brightspace from October 1st in regularly scheduled slots, with additional consultations scheduled for the last week of classes. The submission process is slightly different than in previous years. Read here for instructions.

Until he gets submissions, Coach will be sitting forlornly on some kind of sports ball in an empty gymnasium, occasionally blowing his whistle to no purpose, waiting for the ping that indicates a student has uploaded a paper for review.