Photo of Neven Brady Leddy

Neven Brady Leddy

Writing Coach

Degrees:B.A. Bishop’s University, M.Phil University of Dublin, D.Phil University of Oxford


Neven has been coaching undergraduates to write better essays since 2007.  By training he is an intellectual historian of eighteenth century Scotland, but has made a living teaching anything but the Scottish Enlightenment.  He has taught in the Humanities or the Social Sciences at Simon Fraser, Ottawa, Concordia, Bishop’s, Trent and Toronto .  At Carleton he teaches in the College of Humanities and in the History Department.  His research interests include the history of ideas, especially in the social sciences.

Neven’s mission at the College of Humanities is to coach an already strong group of undergraduates to improve their written expression.  Neven’s appointment as the CofH writing coach is the most athletic thing he has done since “winning” the uncoveted participation pin in the 1982 Canada fitness test.  Students are encouraged to greet Neven as “coach”, as he will find this endlessly entertaining.

Writing Coach Professor Leddy is available for several hours every week of term beginning in October to help you develop your writing.  Coach will read drafts of your essays or other projects and offer collegial criticism along with suggestions for improving your prose and argumentation.  Students are welcome to discuss projects at any point in the writing process, even after they have been graded.

For the 2022-23 season Coach will be working in a hybrid mode: In person office hours will be Fridays 9-3, supplemented on-line meetings booked through Calendy.  A schedule of availability will follow at the end of September.  Towards the end of term, coaching hours will be extended, and you are encouraged to book an appointment early – especially for the last week of term.

His email address is:

Despite our return to in-person learning, Coach remains pyjama-positive.