Photo of Geoffrey C. Kellow

Geoffrey C. Kellow

Associate Professor. Undergraduate Advisor

Degrees:B.A. Concordia University, B.A. McGill University, M.A. McMaster University, Ph.D. Carleton University
Phone:613-520-2600 x 2473
Office:2A59 Paterson Hall
Class Office hours: TBA
Academic Advising hours: TBA


Professor Kellow is an Associate Professor in The College of the Humanities and the Department of Political Science.  He specializes in the History of Ideas.  Professor Kellow earned two bachelor’s degrees from Concordia University and McGill University in Political Science (1994) and Philosophy (1996) respectively. Following his undergraduate studies, he pursued graduate degrees in political science. Dr. Kellow earned his Master’s in political science, with a specialization in political theory, from McMaster University (1998) and a Ph.D in Political Science from Carleton University (2003)

His current research focusses on the political and economic thought of the Enlightenment.  Having published recently on Adam Smith and Benjamin Franklin, Professor Kellow is currently engaged in a long project examining the cultural and philosophic substance and significance of Franklin’s Autobiography.  That work, tentatively entitled The Civic Education of the Spirit of Commerce, is the subject of both a manuscript project and a number of upcoming papers and presentations.

Research Interests

History of Political and Economic Thought

Adam Smith & Benjamin Franklin

Liberal Education

Fall Winter 2020 -2021 Courses

HUMS 3000 Culture & Imagination: Renaissance, Reformation and Enlightenment

HUMS 4903 Research Seminar The Conservative Tradition: Philosophy, Politics and Community



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Other Recent Publications

2020 Benjamin Franklin and the Lessons of Opportunism During Crises, Starting Points Journal

 2019 Review Globalizing Confederation, Canada and the World in 1867 by Jacqueline D. Krikorian, Marcel Martel, and Adrian Shubert, University of Toronto Quarterly, Vol 88, No. 3

2017 Opinion Essay “Remember the Roots of Canada’s Inclusiveness and Diversity” Ottawa Citizen, February 3, 2017

2017 Book Review, The Way Back F.H. Buckley, Voegelin View, June 8, 2017

2015 Opinion Essay “Why is it so hard to access Canada’ Founding Debates” National Post, February 11, 2015

2015 Down Confederation Road, Review of Janet Ajzenstat’s Discovering Confederation, (MQUP) in January/February issue of Convivium.

2013 Critical Review of Willie Henderson’s Evaluating Adam Smith in The Adam Smith Review, Vol 7.