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The Institute of Biochemistry at Carleton was formed in the 1970’s as a collaborative teaching and research unit.  With a total program enrollment of approximately 200 students, the Institute has grown to include 20 faculty members from the Departments of Biology and Chemistry, four administrative staff members, and two dedicated lab coordinators.  What unites us all is a keen interest in biochemistry and passion for teaching about the marvels of science.

students in labThe Biochemistry programs at Carleton provide grounding in the core concepts of biology and chemistry as well as specialized theoretical and experimental training in biochemistry and the molecular sciences.  Two affiliated programs are also available for students who wish to develop their interests in these related fields.   The Biochemistry and Biotechnology Honours program includes more focus on gene analysis and manipulation and the culture of microbial and tissue culture cells.  The Computational Biochemistry Honours program includes the core biochemistry courses as well as 4.0 credits in computer science, mathematics, and bioinformatics. Students in all of the Honours Biochemistry programs will have the opportunity to complete an independent research project (BIOC 4908 or BIOC 4907) working under the supervision of a faculty member.

The scientific discipline of biochemistry is inherently multidisciplinary and founded on collaborative interactions.  Consequently, biochemistry graduates are sought after by employers because they are well trained in experimental techniques and their breadth of knowledge spans the continuum of inorganic and organic chemistry, enzymology, molecular and cellular biology, and whole animal physiology.  It is also no surprise that biochemistry graduates are among the best prepared applicants who write the entrance examinations of professional programs such as the MCATs.  Modern medicine is founded on the discoveries made by biochemists and biochemists continue to work at the forefront of biomedical research.

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