What to Expect

The show is meant to be both an educational and fun visit.  The building lobby contains education displays of local butterflies with true colour photos and information.  From the lobby you can enter the greenhouses to visit our live exotic butterflies.

We recommend that you dress in layers when visiting the show.  October temperatures can be chilly and the transition to our tropical greenhouses can be a bit of a shock.  Daytime greenhouse temperatures are 30ºC with significant humidity.

There is no secure storage available for coats, bags, strollers, etc.  We encourage you to avoid bringing large backpacks or strollers if possible.  Bags and strollers are not permitted in the greenhouses, and must be left in the lobby, at your own risk.



Who would enjoy the show?

This show is great for anybody of any age who loves butterflies.  All ages are most welcome.  Please keep in mind during your visit that the show is for everybody.  There are generally lots of children and families around.

Please avoid bringing large strollers to the show.  They don’t fit in most of the aisles in the greenhouses.  If you are bringing a stroller, please be prepared to leave it outside the greenhouses (in the building lobby).  Note that this is not a secure area, so please don’t leave any valuables in the stroller.

The Nesbitt Biology building is fully wheelchair accessible.  The greenhouses are accessible for standard sized wheelchairs, but many of the corners in the greenhouses are too tight for mechanized wheelchairs.  A note: there are generally a lot of people around during the show, so manoeuvring a wheelchair through the greenhouses can be challenging.


What can I do to encourage landings?

Butterflies fly freely in the greenhouses and will occasionally land on you.  Butterflies are fragile, please don’t pick them up or touch them.

For those who would like closer looks at our butterflies, there are a few tricks you can try:

  • Wear brightly coloured clothing (yellows, oranges, and pinks)
  • Bring some juicy orange or pineapple slices
  • Find a spot in a greenhouse near some bright flowers, hold your fruit up, and stay still.

Some are easily startled and will take off if disturbed, while others will happily stay still for photographing or showing to other visitors.

If one lands on you, they are easily dislodged by blowing gently on their wings.



Taking Photographs

We encourage photography of all kinds, from point-and-shoot to professionals.

When taking photographs, please be sure to obtain permission from anyone in the picture (ask the parents of children).  The show can get to be quite crowded at times, so the use of tripods can be difficult.  Please don’t block the aisles in the greenhouses.  Greenhouse temperatures are often around 30°C with significant humidity.  Some camera equipment takes a while to adjust from being outside in October weather.

Don’t forget to tag all of your pics and videos on social media with #CarletonButterfly2019


Lost and Found

At the end of everyday any items left behind will be sent to the campus lost and found.


Group Tours:

Tours are offered during the school week Monday, October 7th, 2019, through Friday, October 11th, 2019.

please e-mail events.letstalkscience@gmail.com.

See Tour FAQ for more details

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