Congratulations Biology Grad Program Graduates!

Graduation Message to our Students

Video Congratulations from our Chair and Advisor

Messages of Congratulations from our Faculty and Staff

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Graduation Message to our Students

On behalf of the Department of Biology, Congratulations Class of 2020!

We know this isn’t how you pictured completing your graduate degree. Defending over zoom, and presenting your final seminars to a screen isn’t the experience we envisioned for you either. We are so proud that you persisted through the chaotic spring and summer months and that we’re able to acknowledge your hard work virtually. Once we’re able to again, we hope you will return to Carleton for your convocation ceremony so we can properly acknowledge this milestone with you.

We’ve compiled messages of congratulations from the department faculty and staff. All of these messages can be found below. Please also join the Faculty of Science Virtual Graduation Celebration taking place on November 14.

We encourage you to stay in touch with us as alumni! There are many ways to stay involved.

The Department of Biology hosts the Biology Seminar Series, the Annual Carmody Lecture, the Annual McCully Lecture, and the Annual Biology Butterfly Show. We hope you will return to Carleton in the future to join us in these and other campus events, either in-person or virtually.

We also encourage you to share your future accomplishments with us! You can always send us updates, including published articles or media reports. We would be honoured to share your success on our websites to inspire future generations of Carleton students.

We are proud to call you Carleton alumni and we wish you every success in your new journey!


The Department of Biology

Bruce McKay (Chair, Department of Biology)
Jayne Yack (Associate Chair of Graduate Studies, Department of Biology)
Jennifer Harris (Biology Graduate Administrator)

Congratulations from our Chair and Advisor

Bruce McKay – Chair, Department of Biology

Jayne Yack – Associate Chair of Graduate Studies, Department of Biology

See full video message here

Messages from our Staff and Faculty

“ Congratulations to all our Fall graduates!  You all did an amazing job, and you should feel so proud of yourselves.  I wish you all the luck in the next chapter of your lives. This is an exciting time, so enjoy every moment.  Please take care & stay safe!”

-Jennifer Harris, Graduate Program Administrator

Alex Wong – Associate Professor, Department of Biology

Sarah Anne Szabototh – Department of Biology Administrator

Meet Our Grads


PhD in Biology

Supervisor: Dr. Ken Storey


PhD in Biology

Supervisor: Dr. Steve Cooke

Governor General’s Gold Medal
University Medal for Outstanding Graduate work Doctoral Level


 MSc in Biology

Supervisor: Dr. Bahram Samanfar & Dr. Ashkan Golshani


MSc in Biology

Supervisor: Dr. Tom Sherratt

Nominated for Senate Medal and Thesis Excellence Award


PhD in Biology

Supervisor: Dr. Jayne Yack

Elmer, Laura – PhD in Biology

Bedard, Isaac – MSc in Biology

McCarthy, Alexa – MSc in Biology

Murphy, Rowan – MSc in Biology

Saleem, Ranim – MSc in Biology

Vincent, Jaimie – MSc in Biology