Information for Undergraduate Thesis Students

BIOL4908, BIOL4907, BIOC4908, BIOC4907

Undergraduate honours thesis courses are running this summer and for the upcoming Fall/Winter (2020-21) terms.

Here we hope to address questions and concerns you may have with regard to beginning and/or finishing your thesis (BIOL/BIOC – 4908/4907).

We can appreciate that you may feel that no/limited access to labs and the opportunity to collect data in the coming weeks/months will significantly impact your thesis assessment and the quality of your thesis experience.  We urge you to please discuss your concerns with your supervisor(s) as they are in the best position to help you.

Fall term schedule is available from the Registrar June 8th, 2020

Fall term registration begins June 23rd, 2020 (see Registrar’s Office for details regarding your time-ticket)

The deadline to register in your thesis course is September 23rd, 2020 (the last date to add a course for the Fall term), however you should try to register well before this.

To register in a thesis course, both you and your supervisor must fill out and sign the Undergraduate Project Proposal Form. Please return the completed form to the Undergraduate Administrator for Biology and Biochemistry via email (

If you have not found a thesis supervisor, review our Honours Research Thesis page.

Research in labs on-campus

Currently (Summer 2020), undergraduate students are not permitted to complete thesis work in the research labs at Carleton.

Over the summer, we are expecting to open the labs to research activities by graduate students and it is our hope that undergraduates registered in thesis courses will be able to work in the labs as well.  However, even if the university permits undergraduates to work in labs, it will still be up to each supervisor as to whether this will be possible in their lab.

Research off-campus

If your thesis work involves field work, then your thesis supervisor will need to (or is in the process of) making arrangements for working off-campus.  Please speak to your supervisor directly on those matters.

If your thesis work involves work in laboratories or organizations outside of Carleton University, then your supervisor must make these arrangements (including approval from Carleton). Please speak to your supervisor directly on those matters.

Work you can complete in the interim

If you are completing your thesis this summer (or just want to get a head start on your thesis for the fall), speak to your supervisor about what you can do to work toward your thesis objectives. Often this will involve working on literature reviews and thesis proposals but may also involve alternate (but permitted) activities.

Poster presentations and deliverables

We currently have no information regarding undergraduate research day (poster presentations).

Your supervisor will also communicate due dates (and means) for any thesis materials you are required to submit for your assessment.

We will continue to keep you informed with changes and updates regarding your thesis.