Photo of Carole Yauk

Carole Yauk

Adjunct Research Professor, Professor in the Dept. of Biology, uOttawa

Degrees:B.Sc., Ph.D. (McMaster)
Office:Room 269 Gendron
Dept of Biology, uOtttawa
30 Marie Curie Private
Ottawa, ON, K1N 6N5
Website:Check Out My Website

Current Research

The government of Canada is responsible for the evaluation of potential human health effects for all chemicals in commerce in Canada. With over 20,000 chemicals on Canada’s domestic substances list, new methods are urgently needed to rapidly and effectively evaluate their toxicity. One focus of research in my laboratory centres on the development and application of novel genomic approaches for regulatory toxicology and human health risk assessment. Within this broad theme, we are using gene expression technologies (e.g., RNA-sequencing) to study transcriptional changes that occur following exposure to chemicals. These data are used to identify alterations in pathways linked to specific toxicity outcomes, with the overall goal of developing methods to apply genomics profiles in regulatory risk assessment, and identify novel biomarkers of exposure and effect. Other research in my group focuses on the impact of exposure to toxic chemicals on gametes (sperm and egg) and their potential repercussions to the next generation. This work explores the effects of chemicals on germline DNA mutation rates and works towards the development of improved methods to identify such toxicants.

Selected Publications

Matteo* G, Leingartner K, Rowan-Carroll A, Meier M, Williams A, Beal MA, Gagné M, Farmahin R, Wickramasuriya S, Reardon AJF, Barton-Maclaren T, Corton C, Yauk CL, Atlas E. (2023) In vitro transcriptomic analyses reveal pathway perturbations, estrogenic activities, and potencies of data-poor BPA alternative chemicals. Toxicological Sciences (in press).

Johnson KJ, Auerbach S, Stevens T, Barton-Maclaren TX, Costa E, Currie RA, Wilk DD, Rager JE, Reardon AJF, Wehmas L, Williams A, O’Brien J, Yauk C, LaRocca JL, Pettit S (2022) A Transformative Vision for an Omics-Based Regulatory Chemical Testing Paradigm. Toxicological Sciences, Volume 190, Issue 2, December 2022, Pages 127–132,

Buick JK, Rowan-Carroll A, Gagné R, Williams A, Chen R, Li H, Fornace AJJ, Chao, C, Engelward BP, Frötschl R, Ellinger-Ziegelbauer H, Pettit SD, Aubrecht J, Yauk CL (2022) Integrated Genotoxicity Testing of Three Anti-Infective Drugs using the TGx-DDI Transcriptomic Biomarker and High-Throughput CometChip® Assay in TK6 cells. Frontiers in Toxicology, Volume 4, online.

Kozbenko* T., Adam N., Lai V., Sandhu S., Kuan J., Flores D., Appleby M., Parker H., Hocking R., Tsaioun K., Yauk C., Wilkins R., Chauhan V. (2022) Deploying elements of scoping review methods for Adverse Outcome Pathway development: A space travel case example, International Journal of Radiation Biology, Volume 22, Issue 1-12 (August 2022) Open Access, doi: 10.1080/09553002.2022.2110306

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Corton J.C., Liu J., Williams A., Cho* E., Yauk C.L. (2022) A Gene Expression Biomarker Identifies Inhibitors of Two Classes of Epigenome Effectors in a Human Microarray Compendium, Chemico-Biological Interactions (June 2022) Jun 28;110032. doi: 10.1016/j.cbi.2022.110032.

Huliganga E., Marchetti F., O’Brien J.M., Chauhan V., Yauk C., (2022) A case study on integrating a new key event into an existing adverse outcome pathway on oxidative DNA damage: challenges and approaches in a data-rich area, Frontiers in Toxicology Apr 28;4:827328. doi: 10.3389/ftox.2022.827328. eCollection 2022.

Cho E, Allemang A, Audebert M, Chauhan V, Dertinger S, Hendriks G, Luijten M, Marchetti M, Minocherhomji S, Pfuhler S, Roberts DJ, Trenz K, Yauk CL, (2022) AOP report: Development of an Adverse Outcome Pathway for Oxidative DNA Damage Leading to Mutations and Chromosomal Aberrations, Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis. Mar;63(3):118-134. doi: 10.1002/em.22479. Epub 2022 May 3. PMID: 35315142. Editor’s Choice – featured on the front cover of the journal. 

Kuo B., Beal M.A., Wills J.W., White P.A., Marchetti F., Nong A., Barton-Maclaren T.S., Houck K., Yauk C.L. (2022) Comprehensive interpretation of in vitro micronucleus test results for 292 chemicals: from hazard identification to risk assessment application. Archives of Toxicology. Accepted Feb 2022. PMID: 35445829. doi: 10.1007/s00204-022-03286-2.

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