Photo of Emma Hudgins

Emma Hudgins

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Degrees:Ph.D., B.Sc. Honours Biology (McGill)
Office:Nesbitt 338

Current Research

I use computational methods to study the ecology, impacts, and management of invasive species at large scales. I’m interested in uncovering broad generalities that emerge across species as a consequence of human activity. I’m also interested in creating better forecasts of future invasion patterns, and better recommendations for invasive species management. My focus to date has been United States forest pests. I have built models of invasive forest pest dispersal and establishment, urban tree distributions and pest-related tree mortality, and have used these models to project economic losses due to forest pests in urban areas. My postdoc research builds on this work, but moves from descriptive to prescriptive, and shifts from the US to the Canadian context. The goal is to produce general rules of thumb for the best invasive pest management strategies, and for the budgetary balance between management and surveillance.

I’m part of the InvaCost project ( InvaCost is an up-to-date, global-scale data compilation for economic cost estimates associated with invasive species. The project has gathered experts on various aspects of biological invasions to further take advantage of the database and analyze the data it contains.

Selected Publications

Please see for my pull list of publications

Hudgins, E. J., Koch, F. H., Ambrose, M. J., & Leung, B. Urban tree deaths from invasive alien forest insects in the United States, 2020-2050. Submitted. PNAS. (Preprint

Turbelin, A.J., Diagne, C., Hudgins, E.J., Moodley, D., Haubrock, P.J., et al.. Species on the move: Stowaways and contaminants cause the greatest economic impacts. Submitted. Biological Invasions. (Preprint

Ahmed, D.A.*, Hudgins, E.J.*, Cuthbert, R.N.*, Kourantidou, M., Diagne, C., et al. Managing biological invasions: the cost of inaction. In review. Biological Invasions. *=equivalent contribution (Preprint

Ahmed, D. Hudgins, E.J., Cuthbert, R., Haubrock, P. J., Renault, D., Bonnaud, E., Diagne, C., & Courchamp, F. Modelling the damage costs of invasive alien species. Resubmitted. Biological Invasions. (Preprint

Crystal-Ornelas, R. Fantle-Lepczyk, J., Kramer, A., Hudgins, E.J., Leung, B. Diagne, C., et al. Economic costs of biological invasions within North America. In press. Neobiota.

Hudgins, E.J., Liebhold, A.M., & Leung, B. Comparing generalized to customized models for United States invasive forest pests. Ecological Applications (2019) 30(1):e01988. (full text)

Leung, B., Hudgins, E. J., Potapova, A., & Ruiz-Jaen, M. A new baseline for countrywide α-diversity and species distributions: illustration using >6000 plant species in Panama. Ecological Applications (2019) 29(3): e01866. (full text)

Hudgins, E.J., Liebhold, A.M., & Leung, B. Predicting the spread of all invasive forest pests in the United States. Ecology Letters (2017) 20(4): 426-435. (full text)