applytoAt Carleton, you can receive an MSc with a specialization in neuroscience through either Psychology or Biology, whichever is more appropriate to your research interest.

Admission Requirements

  • Prior admission to the MSc program of the Department of Biology.
  • A letter of recommendation to the Director of the Institute from a faculty member of the Institute of Neuroscience, indicating the willingness of the faculty member to supervise your research program.
  • High honours standing in your undergraduate courses.

Application Requirements

Applications are made online to the Department of Biology if it is more appropriate to your research interests. As a graduate student, you will be supervised by one of the faculty members of the Institute of Neuroscience.

Program Requirements

  • Fulfillment of the requirements of the MSc program of the Department of Biology.
  • Successful completion of BIOL 5304.
  • Thesis research must concern a neuroscience topic and be supervised by a member of the Institute.

Apply Online

Applications can be made online. Please click the ‘Apply Online!’ button above to go to the Master of Science: Biology with Specialization in Neuroscience Program application website.