Biology Professors

Dr. Jenny Bruin
Pancreas Development
Dr. Catherine Cullingham
Landscape, population, and conservation genetics
Dr. Ashkan Golshani
Functional genomics, microbiology, molecular biology, interaction networks, systems biology
Dr. Root Gorelick
Evolution of sex, evolutionary theory, classical botany, mathematical biology, climate change
Dr. Shelley Hepworth
Plant molecular genetics, developmental biology
Dr. Iain Lambert
Molecular biology and genetic toxicology
Dr. Heath MacMillan
Integrative and comparative animal ecophysiology
Dr. Bruce McKay
Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Genomics, Cancer Biology
Dr. Owen Rowland
Plant molecular biology and biotechnology
Dr. Myron Smith
Fungal molecular genetics and antimicrobial drug discovery
Dr. Ken Storey
Biochemical adaptations
Dr. William G. Willmore
Biochemistry, biotechnology
Dr. Alex Wong
Evolutionary genomics; microbiology; experimental evolution
Dr. Tim Xing
Plant genomics
Dr. Susan Aitken – Affiliated Faculty
Protein and pathway engineering, enzymology, amino acid metabolism, pyridoxal phosphate biochemistry
Dr. Kyle Biggar
Functional Proteomics, Drug development, Protein lysine methylation


Note: Instructors are able to supervise undergraduate research

Dr. Iain McKinnell
Embryology,  Developmental Biology, Anatomy & Physiology
Dr. Martha Mullally
Biology Education, Evidence Based Learning

Adjunct Professors

Note: Adjuncts are able to co-supervise undergraduate and graduate research

Dr. Burton Blais –  Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Pathogen genomics
Dr. Steve Brooks –  Health Canada
Animal biochemistry
Dr. Balu Chakravarthy – National Research Council
Molecular signaling and cell adaptation
Dr. Amanda MacFarlane –  Health Canada
Dr. Francesco Marchetti –  Health Canada
Mutation, environmental health, germ cells
Dr. Sara Martin – Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada Dr. Carlos Monreal – Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada Dr. Laurian Robert –  Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Dr. Bahram Samanfar –  Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada Dr. Johann Schernthaner –  Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Plant molecular biology and biotechnology
Dr. Jeff Skevington – Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Insect systematics
Dr. Rajagopal Subramaniam –  Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Fungal genetics; plant disease resistance
Dr. Azam Tayabali – Health Canada
Biotechnology, microbiology, nanotoxicology, immunology, biochemistry
Dr. Carole Yauk– Health Canada
Mutations, environmental health