Biology Faculty

  • Dr. Jenny Bruin – Faculty
    Diabetes, islet biology, toxicology, stem cells
  • Dr. James Cheetham – Faculty
    Membrane biochemistry
  • Dr. Steven Cooke – Faculty
    Aquatic ecology, conservation biology, physiological ecology, animal behavior and environmental science.
  • Dr. Jeffrey Dawson – Faculty
    Neuroethology and biomechanics of insect flight
  • Dr. Ashkan Golshani – Faculty
    Functional genomics, microbiology, molecular biology, interaction networks, systems biology
  • Dr. Shelley Hepworth – Faculty
    Plant molecular genetics, developmental biology
  • Dr. Owen Rowland – Faculty
    Plant molecular biology and biotechnology
  • Dr. Ken Storey – Faculty
    Biochemical adaptations
  • Dr. William G. Willmore – Faculty
    Biochemistry, biotechnology
  • Dr. Jayne Yack – Faculty
    Neuroethology of insect sensory systems & bioacoustics
  • Dr. Susan Aitken – Affiliated Faculty
    Protein and pathway engineering, enzymology, amino acid metabolism, pyridoxal phosphate biochemistry


  • Dr. Michel Dumontier – Adjunct Research Professor, Stanford University
    Bioinformatics, drug discovery, cell simulation, genome
  • Dr. Loren Knopper – Adjunct Research Professor, Jacques Whitford Environmental Engineering Scientific Management Consultants
  • Dr. Robert Letcher – Adjunct Research Professor, Environment Canada
    Xenobiotic metabolism, contaminant-protein interactions
  • Dr. Amanda McFarlane – Adjunct Research Professor, Health Canada
  • Dr. Azam Tayabali – Adjunct Research Professor, Health Canada
    Cellular and physiological responses to microbial or nanomaterial exposure