Biology Faculty

Dr. Joseph Bennett
Conservation biology, spatial biology
Dr. Susan Bertram
Variation in sexually- selected traits in insects
Dr. Naomi Cappuccino
Population and community ecology
Dr. Steven Cooke
Aquatic ecology, conservation biology, physiological ecology, animal behaviour and environmental science.
Dr. Catherine Cullingham
Landscape, population, and conservation genetics
Dr. Roslyn Dakin
Animal behavior; Flight Behavior; Environmental Adaptation
Dr. Jeffrey Dawson
Neuroethology and biomechanics of insect flight
Dr. Lenore Fahrig
Landscape ecology
Dr. Mark Forbes
Evolutionary ecology
Dr. Root Gorelick
Evolution of sex, evolutionary theory, classical botany, mathematical biology, climate change
Dr. Heath MacMillan
Integrative and comparative animal ecophysiology
Dr. Vivian Nguyen
Environmental Change, Sustainable Natural Resources Management, Conservation and Food Security and Wellbeing
Dr. Stewart Peck – Professor Emeritus
Arthropod and beetle evolution systematics
Dr. Tom Sherratt
Behavioural and evolutionary ecology
Dr. Andrew Simons
Plant life-history evolution
Dr. Alex Wong
Evolutionary genomics; microbiology; experimental evolution
Dr. Jayne Yack
Neuroethology of insect sensory systems & bioacoustics


Note: Instructors are able to supervise undergraduate research

Dr. Grégory Bulté 
History, ecology, and conservation of amphibians and reptiles
Michael Runtz
Natural History of Native Plants and Animals
Dr. Nigel Waltho


Note: Adjuncts are able to co-supervise undergraduate and graduate research

Dr. Celine Boutin National Wildlife Research Centre
Agro-ecosystems, plant conservation, wildlife habitat, herbicides, biodiversity
Dr. John Dettmers – Great Lakes Fishery Commission Dr. Charles Francis – National Wildlife Research Centre
Conservation ecology, population ecology, modelling, ornithology and mammalogy
Dr. Danielle Fraser – Canadian Museum of Nature
Paleoecology and evolutionary biology
Dr. Grant Gilchrist – National Wildlife Research Centre
Behavioural ecology, arctic ecology and avian ecology
Dr. Craig Hebert – National Wildlife Research Centre
Wildlife indicators of ecosystem change
Dr. Robert Letcher – National Wildlife Research Centre
Wildlife toxicology, ecotoxicology, environmental/ecological chemistry of chemical stressors
Dr. Andre Levesque –  Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Phylogenetics and molecular ecology of fungi
Dr. Sara Martin – Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada Dr. Peter Mason – Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada Dr. Troy McMullin – Canadian Museum of Nature
Lichen biogeography, conservation, ecology, systematics, and taxonomy
Dr. Natalia Rybczynski – Adjunct Research Professor, Museum of Nature
Paleobiology, vertebrate morphology and evolution
Dr. Jeff Skevington – Agriculture and AgriFood Canada
Insect systematics
Dr. Tyler Smith – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Plant Systematics and Conservation
Dr. Karen Smokorowski –  Fisheries & Oceans Canada
Aquatic ecology, environmental science
Dr. Chantal Vis
Aquatic Ecology, Conservation Ecology