Cell and Molecular Biology are research strengths in our department. In particular, our faculty, staff and students perform cutting edge research in areas that include:

  • Developmental Biology
  • Plant Biology
  • Stress Biology
  • Neurobiology

Biology Faculty

  • Dr. Jenny Bruin – Faculty
    Pancreas Development
  • Dr. Ashkan Golshani – Faculty
    Functional genomics, microbiology, molecular biology, interaction networks, systems biology
  • Dr. Root Gorelick – Faculty
    Evolution of sex, evolutionary theory, classical botany, mathematical biology, climate change
  • Dr. Shelley Hepworth – Faculty
    Plant molecular genetics, developmental biology
  • Dr. Iain Lambert – Faculty
    Molecular biology and genetic toxicology
  • Dr. Owen Rowland – Faculty
    Plant molecular biology and biotechnology
  • Dr. Myron Smith – Faculty
    Fungal molecular genetics and antimicrobial drug discovery
  • Dr. Ken Storey – Faculty
    Biochemical adaptations
  • Dr. William G. Willmore – Faculty
    Biochemistry, biotechnology
  • Dr. Tim Xing – Faculty
    Plant genomics
  • Dr. Alex Wong – Faculty
    Evolutionary genomics; microbiology; experimental evolution
  • Dr. Susan Aitken – Affiliated Faculty
    Protein and pathway engineering, enzymology, amino acid metabolism, pyridoxal phosphate biochemistry