Neurobiology and Behavior is an exciting intellectual environment that optimizes our research and teaching missions.

Fundamental questions about how the brain and nervous system work in the expression of behavior are explored.  These areas include learning and memory, sensory and integrative neuroscience (at molecular, genetic, synaptic and systems levels), neuronal development, neurocomputation, and the neurobiology of substance abuse.

Biology Faculty

  • Dr. Susan Bertram  – Faculty
    Variation in sexually- selected traits in insects
  • Dr. Steven Cooke – Faculty
    Aquatic ecology, conservation biology, physiological ecology, animal behavior and environmental science.
  • Dr. Jeffrey Dawson – Faculty
    Neuroethology and biomechanics of insect flight
  • Dr. Jean-Guy Godin – Faculty
    Behavioural ecology
  • Dr. Root Gorelick – Faculty
    Evolution of sex, evolutionary theory, classical botany, mathematical biology, climate change
  • Dr. Tom Sherratt – Faculty
    Behavioural and evolutionary ecology
  • Dr. Jayne Yack – Faculty
    Neuroethology of insect sensory systems & bioacoustics