Announcing our TA Excellence Award Winners 2021-2022:

  • Ilias Berberi, PhD candidate
  • Marshall Ritchie, Master’s candidate
  • Nashira Abu-Hakima Grigg, PhD candidate
  • Sibei Li, PhD candidate

A warm congratulations to you all!!

TA Excellence Awards Information

Teaching Assistant awards are a great opportunity to celebrate the work done by a group of individuals who are frequently overlooked and acknowledge the vital role that our graduate students play in supporting faculty, staff, and students.

About the awards:

There are two awards available to Biology and Biochemistry TAs (it is possible to win both in one year):

  • EDC Outstanding TA Award: One TA at Carleton is chosen each year to receive this award, which is valued at $250, and includes a certificate and formal recognition on the plaque outside the EDC training room (422 Dunton Tower).
  • Departmental (BIOL & BIOC) TA Award: One Biology or Biochemistry TA is chosen each year to receive this award of $250, which includes a Certificate of Award and Letter of Recognition from the Department Chair.

The nomination process:

Who is eligible?

Only those TAs that have been assigned to a biology (BIOL) or biochemistry (BIOC) course (Fall – Winter; either full year or one term) are eligible for the award.

Who should submit the nomination form/package?

Faculty, contract instructors, peers, and undergraduate students are welcome to nominate a TA. Nominators are encouraged (though not required) to collaborate on a single nomination package (i.e. groups of students are encouraged to contribute towards single nomination packages, potentially in collaboration with their instructors). Self-nominations are welcome.

Where and when are nominations submitted?

Nominators are asked to complete the digital ‘TA Award Nomination Form’ (this one form can be used to nominate a TA for both the EDC Outstanding TA Award and the Biology/Biochemistry TA Award, and is available through  the EDC’s ‘TA Support’ website at, and attach any additional documentation using this online form.

 The Selection Process:

The Award Committee meets to deliberate in March. The committee will review all nominations and make a decision that considers some or all of the following criteria (where appropriate):

  • Teaching Skills: Teaching ability demonstrated in tutorials, office hours or guest lectures;
  • Grading: Quality of grading in terms of fairness, promptness, helpfulness and relevance of feedback/comments;
  • Communication: Quality of communication with students or the instructor (e.g., in office hours, email communication, etc.);
  • Learning Environment: Ability to stimulate, engage or provoke thought within an inclusive working environment;
  • Other: Any other qualities demonstrating commitment to teaching or grading