Demo Learner Request Form

Demo Learner (formally known as Demo Student) accounts are accounts used for authentic testing of Brightspace tools, processes, and features. Demo Learner accounts are unique for each instructor/course, are added individually to the requested course, and are available by request only. Demo account enrollments will be removed at the end of each term. If you would like a demo learner added to your course, please complete the form below. Once requested, the demo account(s) are created and enrolled the course(s) specified. Instructors are then able to impersonate their demo learner to view the course from a student's perspective. Impersonation allows for the most authentic student view of a course. Demo accounts are particularly useful for advanced testing of groups, quizzes, discussions, and assignment submissions/set up.
  • Please include your as this is the email address associated with your Brightspace course.

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