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Joint programs exist between Carleton University and the University of Ottawa. uOttawa students need to complete two steps before they can access Carleton’s Brightspace system:

  1. Students need to complete the form: https://gradstudents.carleton.ca/faculty-of-graduate-and-postdoctoral-affairs-access-to-brightspace/
  2. After students have completed the form, they should receive email instructions regarding the next steps. Next steps typically include setting up the MyCarleton One account and resetting the password: https://carleton.ca/its/help-centre/confirm-account-registration/

New accounts can take up to a day to show up in Brightspace. Students who experience difficulties accessing Carleton’s applications are advised to contact ITS Service Desk for support: https://carleton.ca/its/contact/

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How to Get Help with Brightspace

For additional Brightspace resources and support, visit the Brightspace Student Channel or browse  D2L Brightspace YouTube Tutorials.

Need more help?  Contact D2L Brightspace Technical Support

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