Photo of Burak Oztaner

Burak Oztaner

Ph.D. Candidate

Degrees:Ph.D. Candidate (Carleton University); M.Sc. (Istanbul Technical University); B.Sc. (Istanbul Technical University); B.Sc. (Anadolu University)
Phone:(613) 520-2600 x 7470
Office:4107 Canal Building
1125 Colonel By Dr.
Ottawa, ON
K1S 5B6

Introduction & Research Interest

After finishing my Master’s degree in Istanbul Technical University (ITU), I have started my PhD in Carleton in Summer 2016 and I am currently conducting my studies in Dr. Hakami’s research group as an air quality meteorologist. I have been studying since 2012 in atmospheric modeling field and I am pursuing to gain PhD degree in this field. Previously, I have been working on agricultural damages due to ozone exposure, urban air quality for PM10, PM2.5 and long/short range transport of aerosol, model verification analyses and urban heat islands.

My studies focus on regional scale atmospheric/air quality modeling, adjoint sensitivity analysis and micrometeorology. I use dynamic atmospheric circulation and chemical transport mathematical models such WRF/CMAQ modeling system and CMAQ-Adj to conduct the studies. Besides, I use Python, NCL and R software to analyze the outputs.

Aside from my research, I am also teaching assistant at the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Honestly, I love and enjoy teaching. I am also working towards my EDC (Education Development Centre) Certificate, to help with my teaching development. Also, I had had opportunity to tutor GIS applications on Hydrological Studies and WRF/CMAQ modeling system before I attended to Carleton family. A list of classes I have tutored:

  • ENVE 4003/5101: Air Pollution and Emission Control, Fall 2016/2017
  • ECOR 1101: Engineering Mechanics, Winter 2017
  • ENVE4003/5101: Air Pollution and Emission Control, Fall 2016-2019
  • YSB603E: Atmospheric Chemistry for Climate Scientists (at ITU), Winter 2016
  • YSB801E: Software Tools for Earth & Environmental Science (at ITU), Fall 2015

Awards & Scholarships 

  • 18th GEIA Conference Early Career Scientist Travel Grant (2017)
  • Ontario Trillium Scholarship (2016 – 2020)
  • Carleton University International Doctoral Excellence Program (2016-2017)
  • 16th EMS Annual Meeting 11th European Conference on Application of Climatology (ECAC), EMS and Tromp Foundation Young Scientist Travel Award (YSTA) – 2016 (not able to receive)
  • 15th EMS Annual Meeting 12th European Conference on Application of Meteorology (ECAM), Sofia – Bulgaria – EMS Young Scientist Travel Award (YSTA) – 2015
  • 5th Air Pollution and Control Symposium (HKK2013), Eskisehir, Turkey TUBITAK Young Scientist Travel Award – 2013

List of some conference presentations and publications

Oztaner, Y.B., Soltanzadeh, M., Hakami, A., (2017). Assessing the air quality health benefits of phasing out coal-fire power plant in Ontario and Alberta: An adjoint sensitivity analysis. Presented at 18th GEIA Conference, Hamburg, Germany. Oral Presentation.

Oztaner, Y.B., Pappin, A., Zhao, S., Pozzoli, L., Hakami, A., Kindap, T., Unal, A (2015). Determination of Crop Yield Loss due to Ozone Damage via CMAQ Adjoint over Europe. Presented at 14th Annual CMAS Conference, Chapel Hill, NC, USA. Poster Presentation.

Oztaner, Y.B., Pozzoli, L., Hakami, A., Kindap, T., Unal, A (2015). Impact of Land-Use Types and Urban Canopy Structure on Urban Heat Island via High Resolution WRF Modeling: Istanbul Case Study. Presented at 15th EMS Annual Meeting & 12th European Conference on Application of Meteorology (ECAM), Sofia, Bulgaria. Oral Presentation.

Oztaner, Y.B., Kahya,C., Incecik, S. (2015) The Impact of Aerosols on Global Horizontal Irradiance over Southeastern Anatolia of Turkey. Presented at 34th International Technical Meeting on Air Pollution Modeling and its Applications (ITM), Montpellier, France. Poster Presentation.

Gokgoz Ergul, M., Oztaner, Y.B., Unal, A., Kindap, T. (2014). Comparative Analysis of Fog Prediction Algorithms via Use of WRF Model over Istanbul. Presented 14th EMS Annual Meeting & 10th European Conference on Applied Climatology (ECAC), Prague, Czech Republic. Oral presentation

Oztaner, Y.B., Kahya,C., Incecik, S. (2013) The Impact of Aerosols on Global Horizontal Irradiance over Southeastern Anatolia of Turkey. 13th European Meteorological Society (EMS) Annual Meeting and 11th ECAM, Reading-England. Poster presentation.

Kahya, C., Bektas Balcik, F., Oztaner, Y.B., Ozcomak, D., Seker, Z. D. (2017) Spatio-Temporal Analysis of PM2.5 over Marmara Region, Turkey. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin (FEB) Vol 26- No 1/2017, pp 310-317.