U-Pass Holders

  • Students holding U-Pass Smartcards should check their campus email for further direction on renewing passes in future terms.
  • Don’t throw away your U-Pass! Even if you are not able to renew the pass for the current term, you will be able to renew it in future terms.

Renewal Locations: 

University Centre 1st Floor (OUT OF ORDER)

By the stairs outside the Bookstore.

University Centre 4th Floor

By the CU on the Go machine outside the Campus Card Office.

Alumni Hall (Athletics)

Beside the vending machines in the main hallway.

Have not received a BLUE U-Pass?

See www.carleton.ca/upass for more information about eligibility requirements, then stop by the Campus Card Office for your card. Summer U-Passes will be available starting Wednesday, April 18.

For more information on the U-Pass program, including eligibility, visit www.carleton.ca/upass.

32 thoughts on “SUMMER U-Passes”

  1. Mahanoor Riaz says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    What time will the fall term upass distribution begin on monday, july 31st? Does it start from 8:30 am or is it sometime later in the afternoon?
    Please let me know.
    Thank you very much.

    1. erinchezick says:

      Hi Mahanoor – great question! We will start distribution first thing, at 8:30 AM.

  2. Ensam says:

    Good afternoon,

    I have a question about the U Pass. I am freshman, and I got my U Pass on Monday.
    When the U Pass is going to be active for the fall semester?

    Please let me know.

    1. erinchezick says:

      Hi Ensam,

      Fall passes will work starting on September 1! Please see http://www.carleton.ca/upass for any further questions about the pass.


  3. Pearl Hum says:

    Hi I am a fifth year student, how would I get a new campus card? Do I have to apply for a new one again?

    1. erinchezick says:

      Hi Pearl – Thanks for your question! Once your Campus Card is expired (check the back for a date), you can come to the Campus Card Office (407 UC) during our hours of operation and we’ll make you a new card for free. Please note that you’ll need government issued photo ID and we will take a new photo of you.

  4. PM says:

    Where are the locations for renewing the upass?

    1. erinchezick says:

      Hi Paul – as noted above, the locations will be listed here once renewals begin. Thanks for your question!

  5. Jiying Feng says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have already got the BLUE card (smart card) on last summer semester. Where I can extend my U-pass? Could you show me the locations?

    Thank you very much.

    1. erinchezick says:

      Hi Jiying – Thanks for your question. You will have received an e-mail with further instructions on renewing your pass. The locations will be updated here once renewals begin.

  6. Justin says:

    Hi, I got an email that directed me to this page for the location of the recharge stations but I cannot locate that information. Where would the recharge stations be located on campus?

    1. erinchezick says:

      Hi Justin – the locations will be listed by the date renewals begin. Thanks!

  7. Adam Abdulrahman says:

    Hi! I received my summer UPASS card back in March or April I believe. Do I have to do anything before the fall semester begins? Do I have to get a new upass, or renew my current one (and if so, how?)? Thank you!

    1. erinchezick says:

      Hi Adam – thanks for your question. All students with a Summer card will have received an e-mail last night containing further instructions. You will be able to renew your pass by tapping it at one of three on campus locations as of August 28.

  8. Kailai Wang says:

    I will be back to Canada after september 3th. At that time ,can I use my summer term upass take bus to school and recharge my upass?


    1. erinchezick says:

      Hi Kailai – Unfortunately the pass period on the summer pass ends August 31. Your card will not work on the transit system after that unless you have renewed it. Please read the e-mail we sent you yesterday, as well as the above page, for more information on how to do that.

  9. Chelsea Donoghue says:

    Hi I am going into my first year and I won’t be attending a simmer orientation. So how will I be able to pick my upass up ?

    1. erinchezick says:

      Hi Chelsea – welcome to Carleton! Provided you are registered, it’s best to apply online for your cards using myphoto.carleton.ca. If you are in Residence, your card will be included in your move-in package. If not, it will be available at the Priority Pickup near the Campus Card Office (407 UC).

  10. Sonia says:

    Where are the three recharging units??

    1. erinchezick says:

      Hi Sonia – thanks for your question. As noted above, we will be updating this site closer to the date letting you know where the units are installed.

  11. Sabahat says:

    I lost me bus pass and I want to know if I will be charged for a new one and will it still work for the summer before fall term starts.
    Thank you

    1. erinchezick says:

      Hi Sabahat – replacement U-Passes cost $25, and you can purchase one at the Campus Card Office during our hours of operation. Please tell the desk staff you are Summer eligible and lost your original card, and they will give you one for the current term.

  12. Ifeoluwa Awomuse says:

    I’m a first year student and I couldn’t apply for my pass online. I arrive September 3rd, can I still apply for my pass in school? How long will it take to get ready?

    1. erinchezick says:

      Hi Ifeoluwa – you can definitely still get your card. Please see our hours of operation page for information on where and when we are open on September 3. There may be lines, however the card will only take about 5 minutes to produce. Make sure you bring government-issued photo ID!

  13. Katherine says:


    Do we need to visit the U-Pass renewal stations during hours of operation? If so, during what times can I do this? Thanks!

    1. erinchezick says:

      Hi Katherine – thank you for your question regarding the U-Pass. These stations are available any time you are able to access the building. In the case of the location sin the UC, this should be 24/7.

  14. Michelle says:

    HI! Is fall u-pass pick-up on the 31st and the 1st at Stormont for all students or only people living in residence/first years?

    1. erinchezick says:

      Hi Michelle – thanks for your question. New students who applied for their Campus Card online AND are living in Residence have the option of picking their cards up before move-in at the Housing office. All other students can pick up their U-Pass during any of our hours of operation. Remember to bring photo ID!

      Please note that if you already have a BLUE U-Pass you will not need a new card, you may simply extend it at one of our Recharge Units once you have been eligible for 24 hours.

  15. Sarah says:

    I’m an off-campus student. I haven’t recharged my U-pass yet but it worked on the bus this morning (Sept 1)… Is it possible that it re-charged itself? (I don’t want to spend an hour coming to campus for no reason.) Thanks!

    1. erinchezick says:

      Hi Sarah – thanks for your question! Today is a grace day to allow for everyone to ensure their passes were loaded. Please plan to extend your bus pass as directed by attending one of our kiosks.

  16. Tia Foisy says:

    Hi there – I recently lost my wallet with almost every piece of ID I own in it. Is there any way to obtain my student card? I have my upass and birth certificate.

    1. erinchezick says:

      Hi Tia – I’m sorry to hear that! We will accept your U-Pass as ID. In the meantime, please be sure to check out our page on lost cards to make sure you are protecting any funds or access on your Campus Card. If you lost it on campus, you may also want to check one of our Lost and Found locations before replacing.

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