Session 1c: Other Sources & Sectors

Andrew VanderZaag – Research Scientist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Agricultural methane emissions” (watch online)

Peter Morse – Permafrost Expert, Natural Resources Canada’s Geological Survey of Canada
Collaborative ground and remote sensing studies to appraise methane release from warming permafrost in the western Canadian Arctic” (watch online)

Keyvan Ranjbar – Research Officer, National Research Council
Airborne measurements of methane with NRC’s Twin Otter research aircraft in GHGMontreal project flights” (watch online)

Jalal Oliaee – Research Officer, Metrology Research Centre, National Research Council
Measurement of natural methane emissions in the western Canadian arctic using an ultra-lightweight laser spectroscopic sensor aboard a small UAV” (watch online)

Session 1c Panel Discussion
“Where We Stand — Canada’s Measurement Based Inventory and Trends – Other Sources & Sectors” (watch online)