Session 5: Aerial & Satellite Detection Technology

Rafee Iftakhar Hossain – Research Engineer, FluxLab, St. Francis Xavier University
A controlled release experiment for investigating methane measurement performance at landfills” (watch online)

Kyle Daun – Professor, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, University of Waterloo
Airborne long-wavelength infrared hyperspectral detection of methane emissions” (watch online)

Michael Thorpe – CTO, Bridger Photonics
Aerial gas mapping LiDAR for methane emissions management at oil and gas infrastructure” (watch online)

Jason McKeever – Director of Science and Systems, GHGSat
Validation and metrics for methane plume imaging and quantification” (watch online)

Session 5 Panel Discussion
“Aerial & Satellite Detection Technology” (watch online)