When the server has posted your video online, you will automatically receive an email with a link to where you can view your video.

The email will look like the following:

Title: Title Of Presentation
Description: If provided
Duration: 0:00:00

The videos are posted online, but not publicly available for people or search engines to find. To find and view the video people need the obscurificated link address (Ex. We are using as our streaming video host and have a wrapped Carleton template around the videos.

culogoIt is recommended that you post this link in your cuLearn course so your students can easily find the video. Alternately you can email the link directly to your class, post it on your website, blog or twitter account.

Lost your Link? Look in your online archive: You can login to the Capture server at any time to see a list of past recording and links to the different video formats produced.

Ownership of the Recordings

For instructors creating videos the ownership as described in the CUASA Collective agreement (Articles 14.1b; 14.4a; 14.4d) is outlined below:

Content – The intellectual property (the content of the video) belongs exclusively to the creator of the video.

Videos – The creator of the video and the Carleton University jointly own the copyright of the video files.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about ownership.