The portable recorder is the same great Capture application that runs on a mobile storage device, such as a USB flash drive.

The portable recorder allows you to:

  • Record on a computer where you do not have permission to install applications.
  • Record on a computer with limited or no network access.
  • Record several presentations and upload them collectively at a later time.

Download the Portable Recorder

  1. Click on the Download button Below
  2. Install
  3. Locate and open
  4. Copy all files from the .zip file onto the mobile storage device/USB stick.
    Please note that the files from the .zip folder need to be copied to the root of the mobile storage device/USB stick.

Starting the Portable Recorder

Depending on the operating system and security settings of a computer, you can start the portable recorder in one of the following ways.

  • Windows Operating System with AutoPlay Enabled
    Under certain conditions, when you connect a mobile storage device that contains the portable recorder with a computer, you are presented with the option to immediately start the application.
    Click Start TechSmith Relay to run the portable recorder.
  • Windows Operating System with AutoPlay Disabled
    If AutoPlay is disabled, to run recorder:
    1. Open Windows Explorer (Right-click Start and select Explore.)
    2. Navigate to the mobile storage device.
    3. Double-click PC Relay Recorder.exe.
  • Mac Operating System
    1. Navigate to the mobile storage device.
    2. Double-click Mac Relay Recorder.

Log In to the Portable Recorder

  • Option 1 – To log in on the portable recorder, you must first run the portable recorder on a computer that can connect to the TechSmith Relay server. To do this, connect the mobile storage device to a computer with the “regular” TechSmith Relay recorder installed on it. Open the portable recorder and log in. This saves your presenter information on the portable recorder and allows you to access your profiles when you are not connected to the server.
  • Option 2 – If you run the portable recorder without previously logging in while connected to the server, you are not able to log in. Identify yourself as a guest to use the Upload and Decide Later profile.

Record with the Portable Recorder

  1. Select a microphone source.
  2. Press Record to begin the session.  A countdown window will pop up to indicate that the recording will momentarily begin.  TechSmith application window will automatically minimize once recording has begun.
  3. When you are finished, press the stop button on the Capture application.
  4. Click the Done button.
  5. Select a Profile and enter a title then click Ok.
    The profile decides where the video will be published once uploaded. Most people use the Default profile.
  6. Click Save (You will have the option to submit if you are connected to an internet connection).
    Once saved you will receive a confirmation message. Click OK to finish.

Upload Presentations from the Portable Recorder

To upload saved presentations from a mobile storage device, you must connect the mobile storage device to a computer with the “regular” TechSmith Relay recorder installed on it. You can submit saved presentations at any time. If you are not connected to the internet, the presentations automatically start to upload to the server when your computer is next connected.

To submit saved presentations for upload:

  1. Click the View Saved Presentations button.
    Click button to view presenations savesd on the portable recorder.
    The Saved Presentations dialog box opens.
  2. Click Upload All to submit all of the presentations for upload or click to submit individual presentations.
    If you are online and connected to the server, your presentation(s) start to upload.
    If you are offline, your presentation(s) are stored on the computer and automatically upload to the server when your computer is next online and connected.
  3. After you upload saved presentations, you cannot access or view your presentation or the status of the upload in the TechSmith Relay recorder. You can check the status of your presentation on the TechSmith Relay website.