Video Instructions

Text Instructions

  1. Log onto your computer.
  2. Open what you would like to record.
    Launch PowerPoint or Kaynote and find your presentation, bring your document camera up on your screen or open whatever else you wish to record so you can see it on your screen.
  3. Launch TechSmith Relay from the desktop icon.
  4. Log in using either your cuLearn login information, or the information used to log into campus computers.  If you are unsure of which information to use, contact IMS.
  5. Select a microphone source.
  6. Select a profile from the drop-down list.
  7. Assign a title to the presentation.  You may also enter a short description if you wish.
  8. Press Record to begin session.  A countdown window will pop up to indicate that the recording will momentarily begin.  TechSmith application window will automatically minimize once recording has begun.
  9. When you are finished, restore the TechSmith application window and press the stop button.
  10. The presentation will automatically finalize.  Once this has finished, click the Submit button to upload to the Relay server.
  11. Click OK to acknowledge upload confirmation
  12. You can now log off the classroom computer.  The file will continue to upload and an email notification will be sent to you once the file is complete and ready for viewing.

Support is provided by the Educational Development Centre

If you are interested in using Capture and would like a consultation please contact EDC by email, or by phone 613-520 4433.