Instructors have been using the capture screen recording tool in a number of different and interesting ways with students. Here are just a few ideas of what other instructors are using this tool to do with students to screen-record:

  • Online Video Conversations
    Record interviews, language/pronunciation practice either alone or with others, etc.
  • Student Presentations
    Want student to gain more presentation skills, but don’t have time for each student to present in class? You can let them record their presentation at home, on their own time and share the video with you or the whole the class.
    This software is also installed in most classrooms, so if students are doing live presentations in class, you can record those too.  
  • Critiques
    Students can visually highlight text, images, or videos on the computer screen and verbally provide thoughts, questions or feedback.
  • Students Activities
    record the screen so you can see the students work process while completing an activity on the computer)
  • Many, many more ideas and options available…
    Please let us know how you are using it with your students. 

Setting up the Assignment 

There is on two main options in the way instructors have been using the tool:

  1. Students use their own Carleton account (myCarletonOne Account / same as cuLearn)
  2. Students use a special account we have set up for the course

The main difference is how you are able to access the videos. If students use their own accounts, they will have to send you a link to the video. If a student is using a special group account, all of the video links would be stored in one space. This is explained in more detail below.

Please do not let the students us the “Upload as a guest” option as this creates extra work and confusion for everyone.  

Option 1: Students use their own Carleton Account – Default

When a student uses their own MyCarletonOne account (same as cuLearn acccount) to login and submits a video, the finished posted video link is automatically sent to their Carleton email address. As well as the email, students can also log into the Capture System anytime to see a listing and links to all of their recordings.

Only the students have access to their recording, the student would need to send you the web link to the video for you to see it.
You do not have access to these videos, you will only see a published video if the person sends you the web link via email or submits it to your through cuLean.

Option 2: Students use the Special login/pass we made for the course 

We can set up a special login and password to use with Capture so that all the videos recordings go into one account.

When someone uses the special login/password to submit a video the video link is automatically sent to the email address associated with the special account (usually instructor’s email). Anyone with the special account’s login/pass can log into the Capture System  and see all of the submitted video links for this account.

This option is helpful if you want to see all the work your students are doing and not just a finished product. This option also gives you access to the downloadable backup version of each video.

Instructions to Share With Students

How to use Relay
This assumes that the program is already installed.
Some computer labs already have this software installed

How to Install and Use Relay
Instructions for students  the software already installed in a computer lab at Carleton

Also see How to publish video straight from you mobile device’s camera.