You can capture anything you can see on your computer screen including PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, open apps, websites, etc. Here are some ideas for using capture:

  • Lectures – Give your students the ability to review material as much as they need to. Also supports inclusive course design for diverse learning learning styles and second language students.
  • Guest speakers – Capture presentation in class or record one to share
  • Student presentations – Students have a copy and can review for personal feedback
  • Lecture supplements – Use class time for discussions
  • Campus events
  • Meetings
  • Tutorials and problem analysis sessions
  • Video essay feedback – record as you grade
  • Exam review sessions
  • Post extra problem examples
  • Process teaching – step by step solving of problems on computer or by hand written on tablet or via usb document camera, how to use a software, complete an activity on the Internet

You can also instal Kaltura on your mobile device (iOS and Android) to upload video recorded with or stored on your device.

Examples of Captures

Process Teaching
How to search for journal articles on the Library’s Website.
Recorded by Martha Attridge Bufton, Subject Specialist at Carleton University Library

Problem Solving – Document Camera and Embedded Webcam of Instructor
Recorded for BUSI 1004 by Jacques Maurice, Instructor with the Sprott School of Business

Presentation – Voice Over PowerPoint
Using screen capture technology for teaching large classes, EDC Teaching Roundtable
Recorded by Calvin Rans, Adjunct Professor with the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Lecture – Tablet Computer Over Powerpoint
Recorded for MAAE 2202 by Calvin Rans, Adjunct Professor with the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Tutorial on Specialized Software – Voice Over Software
Rhino 3D Modeling tutorial recorded by Johan Voordouw, Instructor with the Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism.

Lecture Capture – Voice Over PowerPoint
Recorded for NEUR 3200 by John Stead, Instructor and Chair of the Department of Neuroscience.

More examples to come.