Want to learn how to make screen recordings?
Interested in flipping your class or exploring a more blended approach to your course?

you, a mic, a computer and a recorder

How it works

Carleton uses Kaltura – a cloud-based video management system – for recording, storing, publishing, and streaming videos, video collections, and other media. It’s free to the university community and is installed in every classroom on campus. Whether you want to record a PowerPoint presentation, show your students how to use an application or use a document camera to solve problems, Capture has you covered.

The workshop will explore:

  • How to install the free software and make a recording on your computer
  • The different types of possible recordings with examples from other Carleton instructors
  • Different ways of integrating videos from you or your students into your class
  • Best practices and tips for getting the best recording

Bring your laptop to the workshop and you will be ready to record!

Powerpoint Slides for this workshop are available here.