How Do I Develop My Own Internship?

The majority of students in the International Internship Program complete internships offered through our official partners, however you are welcome to find your own internship as well. Some students have connections in foreign countries, or are passionate about a specific organization that they would like to explore, which is why they may seek to develop their own internship. If this is something that you are interested in, the steps below will provide some guidance.

  1. Apply to the International Internship Program
    • You must apply to the program online by October 12th, 2018
  2. Begin to research global and internationally focused organizations
    • Keep in mind that in order for an internship to be eligible for the program, it must be between 200 – 400 hours and typically in the summer term
  3. Identify organizations of interest to you
  4. International Internship Coordinator reviews your short list of organizations to ensure they meet the program criteria
  5. Once the International Internship Coordinator has reached out to you regarding your short list of organizations, you are to approach your top choice about pursuing an internship
  6. Upon having secured a position, inform the International Internship Coordinator and provide a letter of appointment along with a job description
  7. The International Internship Coordinator will arrange an affiliation agreement with the organization and include the student in the International Internship Program
  8. Participate in the International Internship Program along with the rest of the cohort, attending all pre-departures, meeting with course instructor, etc.
  9. Start your placement!