Career Services wants to help YOU get ready for your next job interview!

We are pleased to offer Carleton students and alumni access to Interview Stream – an online, video resource to help you practice for your next job interview anytime, anywhere!

Interview Stream offers you unlimited practice and access to hundreds of industry-specific interview questions. Whether you are preparing for an upcoming job interview, looking to increase your confidence or seeking feedback on your interview style or answers – Interview Stream can give you an edge!

Now available on mySuccess!

About Interview Stream

InterviewStream is an online, video resource that gives you the chance to record and review mock interviews. You can access InterviewStream from any desktop computer, laptop or tablet that has a webcam/camera function and a microphone. This gives you the chance to practice your interview skills in a comfortable, stress-free environment.

Assessment & Feedback

Users can self-assess their own mock interviews, or share their interviews to elicit feedback from peers, teachers, friends or family members. You can even send it to us! We’ll have a Career Services Student Leader review your interview and give you feedback on your interview style and your answers to interview questions. We can give you great pointers about interview body language, how to structure your answers and what you need to work on so you’ll be ready for your next job interview!

To Access InterviewStream via mySuccess

1. Login to mySuccess via the Carleton Central Portal.
2. Once you have logged in to mySuccess, you will find InterviewStream under the Resources tab.
3. Click the “Login” link. This will bring you to the Carleton University Interview Stream login page.
4. Follow the instructions to register yourself and create an InterviewStream account.
5. Start recording mock interviews and practicing your interview skills!