Before the career fair:

  • Research the companies that interest you before you go to the fair. The list of employers will be posted on myCareer approximately 1-2 weeks before the fair takes place. Go online to gather more information about these companies and the projects they are working on.
  • Be open to meeting many different organizations. There are often several departments within large companies, and they may have positions that you had not anticipated. For example, high-tech firms have human resources and marketing departments, so there may be more than just high-tech jobs available.
  • Prepare some questions based on the information you find from your research.
  • Prepare and a short career pitch for employers:
    • Have it memorized in case you are on video as well as saved so you can paste it into a chat if you are messaging.
    • Include who you are, your career goals, and some of your strengths that can be beneficial in the workplace.
  • Dress appropriately in case you end up on a video chat.

During the career fair:

  • The best time to attend the fair is first thing in the morning. Prioritize the companies you would like to speak to and create your plan of action. Get in the virtual “line” for an organization you’d like to speak with as soon as possible.
  • Expect to take the lead with the recruiter and be prepared to deliver your pitch. You may ask for their contact info or a website to follow up.
  • Have your resume prepared to distribute at the fair. Be prepared to start the conversation and only distribute your resume if the employer asks for it.

After the career fair:

  • Make notes about companies or employers you met while your memory is fresh.
  • Follow up with thank you emails to companies and individuals you met with at the fair.
  • Develop a filing system to keep the information organized.