Career Services is pleased to announce we have partnered with 10 Minutes With to bring the international job market to students at Carleton University!

10 Minutes With is a digital career platform that gives students access to exciting jobs, career advice, and an insider’s view into the day-to-day activities of  industry jobs directly from people who are currently working there!

The 10 Minutes With website features short video-interviews with professionals to help you understand the true nature of various jobs in any and all sectors of industry. You can watch the interviews, browse the 10 Minutes With blog for short, witty pieces on how to transition from student to professional, or check out worldwide job postings! Companies and top-industry professionals use 10 Minutes With to recruit students and recent graduates from all over the world. Not only can you proactively reach out to companies but you can also be handpicked by a company’s recruiting team!

How to make the most of 10 Minutes With…

Are you an international student? Have you been bitten by the travel bug? Does working in another country interest you? Check out 10 Minutes With!

Step 1. Create an account. Log in with your MyCarletonOne email and create a password!

Step 2. Explore! 10 Minutes With has over 200 video interviews with top industry professionals. Read more about the companies! Watch the videos and get an insider view into the day-to-day particularities of that role! Maybe it’s for you!

Step 3. Browse worldwide job postings! Create a student profile and upload your resume/CV and a cover letter! Student profiles showcase your education, experience and skills, allowing for the opportunity to be headhunted by companies globally! Whether you’re looking for internships, graduate programs, full-time positions or MBA jobs in any industry or location, there’s something for everyone!

Step 4. Career-School-Life Advice. Read the 10 Minutes With Blog for regular postings about the student school-job-social life and learn how to find the balance that works for you!