Is this letter of intent/personal statement for a(n):

□ Professional program (Law School, Teacher’s College, Medical School)
□ Academic program with an experiential component (Internship, practicum)
□ Purely academic program (research and/or course based)

The individual has confirmed additional requirements of admission (If applicable):

□ Minimum GPA Requirements (based on how the school calculates the admission average)
□ Standardized tests/Documents (transcript(s), MCAT, LSAT, GRE, resume etc.,)
□ Experiential Requirements (min. hours of teaching, research, laboratory, etc.,)
□ A supervisor
□ Reference letter(s)

The letter of intent/personal statement demonstrates that the student has:

□ Read and understands specific instructions of what to include in statement/letter
□ Knowledge of word/character limits
□ Tailored letter to specific program and school
□ Awareness of deadline for submission

Does this letter of intent/personal statement include?

□ A catchy introduction
□ A statement of the program/degree you are applying for
□ Concrete examples demonstrating why you are a good candidate for the program (relevant skills, experiences, academic achievements etc.,)
□ Concrete examples of what makes you unique from other candidates
□ Research/field of study interests – when and how they developed (if applicable)
□ Explanation of why you want to attend the program, what motivates you
□ An explanation of why you are interested in this specific program/school
□ Future goals and how the program/school matches them (if applicable)
□ Succinct conclusion